Clothes & shoes

Our company specializes in the supply of stylish items. Since our inception, we have developed into a solid trading platform offering a wide range of fashionable clothing and footwear. The catalogs on our website present the latest collections of famous fashion designers from Italy, France, and other world centers of the fashion industry.

The main goal of our online store is to make shopping affordable and convenient for you. We carefully study the wishes of our clients and constantly replenish the range of stylish clothes and shoes. From us you can buy exclusively original things, distinguished by excellent workmanship and materials.

Impeccable reputation

We are the official representative of many well-known brands and we guarantee the originality of the offered items. The impeccable business reputation of the company has been created since its inception, and is supported by all of its employees:і

We do business directly with manufacturing companies.

We sell clothes and footwear only from trusted brands.

We adhere to European standards of customer service.

By purchasing clothes and shoes from us, you can be sure that there are no counterfeit products in the catalogs. We are responsible for our business, and the main thing for us is the complete satisfaction of the requests of all even the most demanding customers.

When creating catalogs of fashionable clothes and footwear, we strive to provide the maximum variety of assortment. Our clients always have the opportunity to choose the most suitable model for them. Collections of fashion brands are constantly replenished with new products immediately after the start of their production. You have a unique chance to surprise your friends with an elegant outfit that just appeared on the pages of magazines.

For each item that is included in the catalog, a detailed description is compiled with the original photo. When purchasing fashionable shoes or a skirt, you can rest assured – things will look exactly as they are shown on the site.

Verlvers is a service of the highest European level. We do our best to make the purchase of fashionable clothing and footwear from the best world brands from us as comfortable as possible. Constantly raising the bar, we try to fully satisfy your wishes.